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David Shostac (flute)chris and phoebe
Phoebe Ray
Bill Cunliffe
and Chris Bleth (oboe)

The roots of Trimotif extend back 25 years when Phoebe Ray and Bill Cunliffe were students at the Eastman School of Music. Bill was in the Jazz Department and Phoebe in Instrumental Music. Bill’s career went off in the direction of big bands, jazz ensemble, composing, arranging, and improvising and Phoebe’s in the direction of orchestral and chamber music.

But art is expression that threads its way through one’s life constantly looking for new forms. Thus, Bill and Phoebe encountered each other again in 2003 in Los Angeles, joined David Shostac (Principal flute of the LA Chamber Orchestra), and found common ground in an ensemble where expression, not genre, was the theme. More recently, Chris Bleth (known to Hollywood film and TV composers as the player to hire to cover multiple woodwind instruments in a variety of styles), has joined us on oboe.

We coined the name Trimotif to represent three individuals joining diverse backgrounds to form new angles and new perspectives. We look for other artists who share our vision, each of us driven by style, drama, and expression and a desire to communicate with our audiences in a warm interactive atmosphere.

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